ROTO-ETSDouble-acting Rotary Seals

Double-acting O-Ring energized piston seals for rotating, oscillating and helically moving applications. Main characteristics are: low friction also in case of more seals in series application, no stick-slip, minimum groove dimensions and high wear resistance. It is composed of two elements: a sliding-ring with elastomeric O-Ring energizer. Available in many different compounds according to the different conditions of its use.

Seal capabilities

  • Temperature: from -50 to 210 °C
  • Max. pressure: 300 bar
  • Max. speed: 2 m/s


reciprocating rotating helical static

This product is interchangeable with:
TG40 - TG41 - TG42 - TG43 - TG44 - TG45 - ROTO/GER - NPS/R - K752 - M16 - YRB - S-56140 - S-56141 - S-56142 - S-56143 - S-56144 - S-56145 - R10-F - LRGP - 52C00 - 52B01 - 52B02 - 52A03 - 52A04 - 52A05 - PAS - PFI

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