Mission and Vision

ATS, leading company in Sealing Systems Technology, is able to offer state-of-the-art technical solutions together with an excellent technical and commercial service. We base our values on concrete and tangible realities and on sound moral principles; our way of acting is our way of being.
We build strong relationships with our customers, establishing a relationship of trust and results that can last over time with mutual fidelity.


Customer Satisfaction

It is our duty to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our customers, supporting the constantly evolving market.
We always want to be at the customer's side, providing service, assistance and product quality that become the key to success in our customers' applications.

For the future and innovation

Constant innovation in every application is crucial to guarantee the superiority of the proposal towards customers and in order to maintain Leadership. We continually work on perfecting processes and products. ATS always reward creativity and spirit of initiative on the part of each individual collaborator.


Healthy values, combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, are the basis of our success.
Our management is solid, based on fairness and personal example; it promotes the initiatives of young talent, trust and team spirit.


We try to guarantee the welfare of our collaborators, and to develop interpersonal relationships, rejecting any form of discrimination and defamation so that, thanks to his skills and initiatives, through teamwork, each collaborator can increase our competence and enrich the corporate structure.
We are a family business and are therefore involved in the personal evolution of those who work alongside us. We value the value of long-term personal relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners.


We strive to ensure the best possible personal behavior.
Fairness and integrity characterize the reciprocal relationships both within the company and towards the commercial partners. We undertake in our faculties to guarantee the safety of our collaborators and our Products.

Our ambition

Our goal is the transformation of product distribution of Sealing Systems creating Solutions to application, availability and supply problems.
We will do this by focusing on our unique understanding of the customer, on our differentiated technical expertise and our employed and entrepreneurial workforce.

More than a supplier

We are the technological partner your company needs.

Quick solutions, immediate availability

The speed of our service is a strength that you can rely on.

Solutions for every need

The experience of our technical department always at your disposal.

We give shape to your ideas

We design and build seals for special uses, made by measure or on designs.

Designed around your needs

For 30 years we have listened to your needs, to guarantee the reliability of our solutions, designed and made 100% in Italy.