The ATS quality management, pursued in all process and logistics levels, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, guarantees the constant quality of all the services offered and the traceability of the batches of the products supplied to the customers.

Quality Management in ATS is a key function, and covers all branches of the company, from supplying to production, from storage to the commercial area, shipping departments and laboratories.

The Quality of the Service and of the Products is the result of the management of the processes of all the activities. At the base of the success of this philosophy, there is a valid and competent team, with a strong team spirit, assisted by a Quality awareness acquired through information, training and education and a constant improvement process pursued together with the suppliers and partners.
This guarantees the constant quality of the products and services provided.

Quality Policy
The goal is customer satisfaction, which means that customer expectations must never be disappointed. This concept includes product features, deadlines, technical support, commercial service and, last but not least, costs.

Quality Objectives
Quality policy and objectives are the guidelines for all our company branches. They guarantee continuous improvement and are regularly updated by the Management. The objectives are established every year and their achievement is regularly monitored.

certified Quality System
The philosophy of quality

ATS operates a Quality Policy that involves every business function, from the Management to the Commercial Offices, from the Application Engineers to the Production departments.
Within the company there are a series of procedures and rules that allow a virtuous management of the production process operated according to a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified Quality System.

Step 01
Commercial Process

Correct management of orders and order confirmations in rapid and monitored response times.

Step 02

Certified and scheduled design process with project control and validation.

Step 03

Accurate choices of raw materials, adequate Process and Product Conformity checks guarantee constant quality over time.

Step 04
Order Fulfillment

The constantly monitored order fulfillment process ensures on-time delivery.

Quality means advantages for the customers

  • Simplified management of commercial practices
    We confirm every order placed with safe and binding prices and delivery dates. This allows the customer to have certain delivery dates to accurately plan his assembly processes, and saving on downtime costs.
  • Simplified procurement control
    The material is produced, moved and managed in accordance with high quality standards, and therefore does not require further in-depth and costly checks at the end customer. We check and manage all the lots, in order to guarantee traceability and it is possible to provide certificates in accordance with the UNI-EN ISO 10204 standard.
  • No more costs due to product defects..
  • No more costs associated with managing non-compliance..
Download our certificates

ATS operates according to an ISO 9001 certified Quality System. We are able to draw up Quality Certificates and Certificates based on the data deriving from the results emerged in our laboratories.
Visit the Download section of the site to download the Certificates.