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We are a leading company in sealing systems technology, able to offer state-of-the-art technical solutions together with an excellent technical and commercial service. We base our values on concrete and tangible realities and on sound moral principles; our way of acting is our way of being. We build strong relationships with our customers, establishing a relationship of trust and results that can last over time with mutual fidelity.


The sharing of technical knowledge is a fundamental aspect and a reason for continued growth for us. ATS provides a rich and complete collection of technical documents useful to support the designer and to guide the installer in the correct use of our products. By registering, you can download technical catalogs, installation manuals, sales brochures, technical data sheets, and much more...

For more than 30 years, the right seal for all applications.

For more than 30 years, we have been strategic partners of over 2500 companies worldwide.
Our high performance products are suitable for the most demanding applications and are used in the most diverse sectors.
In every application, our highly specialized technical expertise and the wide choice of products that can be manufactured or available in stock allows us to provide always the solution to every need.

Wide Product Range

Thanks to the wide range of products and the ever-growing stock, we are able to offer a wide choice to satisfy your requests with the most innovative and cutting-edge products.
Our R&D department constantly studies, designs and researches new sealing solutions to be implemented, and performs scouting for the best products to be marketed, forming partnerships with selected suppliers, and stocking an increasing number of articles.


Our goal is customer satisfaction. This means that his expectations must never be disappointed. This concept includes product features, deadlines, technical support, commercial service and, last but not least, costs.
The high performances of our products are the result of precise choices of raw material and production process, and of the tests and controls carried out in the production and final phase.

Fast Delivery Time

We can guarantee the delivery of your order within 24 hours on the Italian territory.
Service efficiency is a basic requirement of customer relations. Our IT and logistics infrastructure, the high automation of the process and the important inventory stock determine our high speed in the preparation of orders.

Custom Designed Special Seals

We make custom-made or special seals; upon customer's request or studied by our specialized technicians depending on different applications. We can make virtually any type of seal and guide ring, standard or custom-made, in record time.


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We satisfy all your needs:

From the elastomeric O-Ring to the PTFE or Polyurethane seals, from standard sealing solutions to those more difficult to find.
Our product range includes hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, rotary seals, a wide range of static seals and, if none of these products meets your needs, we can develop a specific solution for your application.

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We are constantly evolving, keep in touch with us and make sure you visit these pages frequently: consult the latest news and an archive of interesting technical announcements.