ARALDITEOriginal ARALDITE glue for plastic and ferrous materials

Two-component multifunctional glue, with high resistance and hardness, with polymerization at room temperature. Suitable for bonding a wide range of metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, rigid plastics and more common materials. They are particularly suitable for fixing ATS-NS, ATS-R, ATS-Z and in general of anti-friction plastic materials on metallic linear guides. The application and curing time varies according to the type of glue used and the temperature.

Seal capabilities

  • Temperature: from -20 to 100 °C


reciprocating rotating helical static

This product is interchangeable with:

Description Note
KIT 2011AB Collante Glue + Indurente Hardener 300 Gr
AV138 Collante Glue 1 Kg
HV998 Indurente Hardener 0,4 Kg
AW106 Collante Glue 1 Kg
HV953U BD Indurente Hardener 0,8 Kg

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