ETUDouble-acting Piston Seals

Double-acting O-Ring energized piston seals for critical applications, fluid/gas separation or low density fluids. Those seals consists of a PTFE compound sliding surface with an incorporated Q-Ring, both energized by an O-Ring. It minimizes the stick-slip phenomena, guarantees a low friction and a very high wear resistance together with a good sealing action. Standard materials: filled PTFE + Nitrile

Seal capabilities

  • Temperature: from -40 to 210 °C
  • Max. pressure: 600 bar
  • Max. speed: 3 m/s


reciprocating rotating helical static

This product is interchangeable with:
PQ - PQ12 - PQ14 - NPQ1 - 32A02 - 32A03 - 32A04 - 32A05 - 32A06 - 32A07 - PQ52

Description Ø d Ø D L
ETU 490 B40 BN 455,00 490,00 11,50
ETU 500 B40 BN 465,00 500,00 11,50

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