ATS-NWear Ring

Wear-rings for pistons or rods. Prevent metal-to-metal contact absorbing radial loads, very precise guide effect. Main characteristics are: good radial load supporting, self-lubricating, low friction, no stick-slip, vibration absorption. Available in rolls or finished wear-rings. Available in different PTFE compounds according to the applications.

Seal capabilities

  • Temperature: from -60 to 200 °C
  • Max. speed: 15 m/s
  • Maximum radial load: 9 N/mm2


reciprocating rotating helical static

This product is interchangeable with:
SLYDRING - TURCITE-A - TEF SEAL - TF - T46 - T47 - T51 - M12 - GRB - 81A - 82A - 24 - 29 - TEFSEAL - SLYDERING

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